Poems That Are Out and About

Thanks to the following journals and presses for publication:

Kent State University Press’s Dear Vaccine anthology, edited by Naomi Shihab Nye, David Hassler, and Tyler Meier (2022): [“It’s a memory”]

Fireweed (summer 2021): “In Biology”

Right Hand Pointing (issue 130): “New Year”

Iron Horse Literary Review (issue 20.4): “After the Flood”

Rascal (issue 3): “Reading Wendell Berry to My Parents in the Hospital, That Distant Land Comes Close”

Slipstream (issue 38): “Four Parts Holy Water”

Zocalo Public Square (August 10, 2018): “I Brought Mountains with Me to Iowa”

Right Hand Pointing (issue 121, March 2018): “By”

Sequestrum (January 2017): “Dry Dock,” “Yoked,” “The Douglas Fir Leans Toward the House and I Pretend It Doesn’t”

Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing (Fall 2016): “And After” and “Marcescence”

Driftwood Press (vol. 3, issue 4): “From a Hollow”

Eyedrum Periodically (issue 11): “Maytag,” “We Move to Morton Street,” and “Comfort, Comfort Me”

Young Ravens Literary Review (issue 4): “Apple Tree at Whalen Island” and “Piece of Knitting Pantoum”

Hartskill Review (winter 2015): “Makeup [for Three Faces]” and “Instructions for Interruptive Insomnia”

Raleigh Review (spring 2015): “Still With My Mother”  (recording here)

Winged: New Writing on Bees (anthology, 2014): “Promised Land”

Centrifugal Eye (Winter/Spring 2013): “The Life Insurance Company Is Calling Your Friends”; (summer 2014): “Penging,” and “In China I Am Blameless”; (winter 2016/17): “Canyon Welding”

Strong Verse (3/20/2013): “In This Green Green So Blue,” “French Kiss,” “Leaves, Late October,” and “Cycle”

Triggerfish Critical Review (issue 13): “After I Tell My Secrets I Dream of Sweeping”

Plain Spoke (May 2011): “The Butcher’s Son Announces He’s Become a Vegetarian”

You can hear me read three poems on Dean Davis’s Pictures of Poets site.